8/28 – Introduce Vocabulary Routine

Today we’ll start with silent reading. I’ll go over the Silent Reading Guidelines and Scoring with you as well, so you know what to expect, starting next week.

Then I’ll introduce the vocabulary routine. In a nutshell:

  • You have 169 words to learn by May. 100 of them are morphemes (word parts like roots, suffixes and prefixes). 72 of them are “academic terms.” Research tells us that these are the vocabulary words that give us the most mileage.
  • You study and practice these words on Quizlet. I grade your Quizlet progress once at mid-terms and once at the end of the trimester. Don’t worry. On MONDAY, we will take some time to get you registered for Quizlet and help you join the class.
  • Each Friday, we have a quiz over a randomly selected 12 words. These quizzes are ungraded; instead, we chart the progress you’re making over the course of the trimester. The good news is that your goal for first trimester is to consistently get 0-4 correct. Not exactly a tough goal. Of course, the goal changes second trimester to 5-8 correct, and third trimester you’re trying to average 9-12 correct.
  • At the end of each trimester, you take a cumulative, graded test. At the end of first trimester, you are responsible for the first 50 word parts. At the end of second trimester, you are responsible for all 100 word parts on the list. At the end of third trimester, you are responsible for the entire list.

We’ll actually take our first ungraded quiz today as a practice run.

For homework, things are a bit tricky. I passed out two packets today with instructions about each. Here goes:

Reading One – “The Nature of Proof in the Interpretation of Poetry”

First, I explained that I don’t think this is JUST about poetry, but about reading in general. I also warned you in advance that you may not LIKE him very much, but what he has to say about reading is going to be useful and we’re going to use it a lot this year. For your lab book entry, keep it simple. Just write “What are Perrine’s main points?” And try to identify them. You may get stuck, and that’s okay.

This assignment is not DUE until Tuesday, but you will have another short reading assignment on Monday night, so I wanted to get it to you ahead of time.

Reading Two – How Writing Works in Mrs. B’s Honors and AP Classes

I am not REQUIRING you to have this read for Monday, but it will be HELPFUL if you’ve read it as we will be using it and talking about it. You will also have a QUIZ over this material one week from Monday (well, Tuesday actually since that would put your quiz on labor day and that is so. not. happening).


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