8/31 Writing Day, Task 1 & Computer Stuff

Today I’m going to re-introduce the writing process to you, going over the How Writing Works in Mrs. B’s Classes handout together. If you found today confusing, there could be two fixes. (1) Make sure to read that How Writing Works handout. If you haven’t read it, I probably sounded BIZARRE. (2) Ask! I’m happy to clarify in person.

Then we’ll look at your Task 1 assignment together. Your first PROPOSAL will be due no later than September 7th. But I advise you to turn it in sooner rather than later.

And while ordinarily our Mondays are reserved for actual writing time so you can work on your task, this particular Monday involves a whole lot of set up for other things while we have the computer:

  • Join the Google class to get your The First Task (MUST use school account, code on the board)
  • Set up a GoodReads account if you don’t have one (MAY use school account if you “sign up with google”)
  • Join the GoodReads group (by clicking on this link)
  • Set up a Quizlet account if you don’t have one (MAY use school account if you “sign up with google”)
  • Join the Quizlet Class (use the link at right –>)

I’m also going to ask you to pop up to the LMC to check out Foster (How to Read Literature Like a Professor). For tomorrow, read his introduction and his interlude chapter “Does He Mean That?” Then, on the SAME PAGE as your Perrine lab book entry (assigned on Friday), answer the same prompt, but for Foster. What are his main points?

Tomorrow we’ll talk about both Perrine and Foster. In preparation for a foster-ful week. Also, take a peek at this caveat about Foster’s book: TIPS on How to Read Foster.


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