9/2-4 – Foster Work


We are extending our work with Foster through the end of Friday, so you will have additional time to work with your partner. This bumps our Friday presentations and lots of other things on the calendar to Tuesday, but that’s okay. We’ll survive.

Original Post:

Foster is a text that requires you to be mature sophomore students. Words like “sex” and phrases like “Christ figure” shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. We are not talking about sexuality OR about religion. We’re talking about common SYMBOLS in Western literature.

For these two days, you’ll be working on How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Foster). You and a partner will be assigned to read 1-2 chapters from the book. Then, you’ll

  • Outline his main points
  • Identify examples for each of those main points
  • Create a slide show containing the information
  • Prepare to present the material to your classmates
  • For your presentation, I highly suggest you have a handout like my sample (“Marked For Greatness” Slides) that folks can use for their “skills pages,” which we will be building in the back of your lab books.

I HIGHLY suggest reading at home if you don’t finish today so that tomorrow can really be about working on the presentation. The “…or the Bible” folks and the “Geography” and “Season” folks will present on FRIDAY in class.

Other folks will present as needed throughout first trimester (some of your presentations are already on the calendar so feel free to take a peek).

Wednesday, I’ll give a “sample” presentation so you can get an idea of what I expect of you. I’m also including a link to that presentation here.


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