9/9 – Update to Paper Process & OMM Discussion

Today we’ll spend most of our day discussion OMM Chapter 1.

Tomorrow will be a reading day for Chapter 2, which is due FRIDAY. I’ll post a lab book entry for you tomorrow. Before you start reading, I’ll ask the “Nice to Eat With You” folks to present as well as a quick review of “Marked for Greatness.”

But we’ll start with a quick tech fix. Google Classroom is NOT working on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. So instead of banging our head against the wall about this, we’re quitting. Goodbye classroom. We will use good old fashioned email instead. Today in class, I will have you SHARE your paper directly with me: mrsbpapers {at} gmail {dot} com (replace the words in curly brackets with their correct symbols).

This means that from now on, you must…

  • Check/read the email for the address you use to send me your papers.
  • When you’re ready to revise, use FILE –> MAKE A COPY to make a copy of your work, change the TITLE of the file, and make all revisions on the copy and then share that copy with me.
  • DO NOT “automatically share with the same people” because sharing should be a signal that you’re ready for me to read your paper.
  • When you’re sharing, ADD A NOTE. This helps to signal to Google that you are not spamming me. It can be simple, like “Hi Mrs. B.” 🙂

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