9/10 – “Nice to Eat With You” and a reading day

Today the folks who are presenting on “Nice to Eat With You” will share their presentations and then the rest of the day will be yours to read Chapter 2 of OMM.

Your lab book entry asks you to use today’s presentation as well as my presentation on Marked For Greatness.  –>

What communion scenes or marked characters do you see in Chapters 1 & 2? How or why are these significant?

And here’s a Nutshell Version of the Communion Notes from today. I used a LOT from Erika and Emma and added some from Amelia and Leigha (thanks ladies!).


One thought on “9/10 – “Nice to Eat With You” and a reading day

  1. I think that Slim holds a lot of power at the ranch than we know yet. He wears a denim jacket and jeans as if he were a worker, however he moves with majesty only achieved by royalty. I think this holds a weight and significance that we don’t quite know the full extent of yet. Everyone at the ranch holds him up like he is their savior. He has a “god-like” affect on them in a way. He was ageless, perfect, and accepted, which makes him have a “ahhh-like heaven sound” sort of vibe about him.

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