10/1 – Beginning of Antigone

One more tiny bit of background, this from Wikipedia: Polyneices and Eteocles are Antigone’s brothers. When Oedipus died, “they agreed to divide the kingship between them, switching each year. Eteocles, however, was allotted the first year, and refused to surrender the crown… [so Polyneices got seven surrounding city states to attack Thebes to help him claim his rightful place]. During the attack on Thebes, Polynieces and Eteocles engaged in single combat. Both brothers struck each other down.”

Today you will read pp 773-780 in small groups (stopping before the first ode).

After you finish reading, your group will make a T-chart looking at what makes Creon a sympathetic/likeable character vs. what makes Antigone a sympathetic/likeable character.

You can do this T-chart at the top of your right side of a lab book entry because it will function as your “evidence” for this lab book prompt, which you should write tonight: Which character is more sympathetic and why?

Reminder – you don’t have to define “likeable” as “likeable to a modern audience” –you could also consider how the Greek audience would likely interact with these characters based on Tuesday’s lecture.



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