10/5 – Finishing Task 1, Introducing Task 2

Scholars, today is a complicated day. Many of you are finishing Task 1, stressed to the max, since it’s over on Friday the 9th whether you’ve finished it or not. But we also are booked to start Task 2 today, which requires some significant direct instruction. Our writing time may be severely limited. But as I’ve said many times before (sorry, but it’s true): procrastination on your part does not equal an emergency on mine.

A Banned Books Week Library display, courtesy of A MIGHTY GIRL.


Once you have an accepted Proposal…

…will help you to format your business letter correctly. As usual, I will not READ a paper that is not formatted correctly, which could cost you PRECIOUS time on this assignment. I was merciful during task 1 and read at least one draft of unformatted papers. I won’t repeat that. (Think about the deadliness of submitting a first draft of a paper, waiting five days and getting only one comment back. Ouch.)


  • You will get a LINK to the critical reflection when your task 1 is accepted.
  • Fill out, type, or paste in answers to the questions on the reflection. Note that since the reflection itself is a type of “first say,” you do not need additional “first say” comments on the reflection. 🙂
  • PRINT the reflection and circle the answers to question #9 and question #10 manually.
  • Pick up a cream colored rubric from my room.
  • Highlight and/or underline the rubric based on what applies to your process. This rubric highlighting is “first say” on your grade.
  • Staple your highlighted/underlined rubric on TOP of your reflection and hand it in to me in person.
photo 1
Front Side – please include Task # under your name
photo 2
Back side – feel free to highlight in footnotes section, too!

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