10/12 – Task2Prop1 Due, Task 1 ENDS, Writing Day +HW

Whew. That’s a lot. Thankfully it’s all stuff coming OFF your plate and ONTO mine. 🙂

RE: Task 2

Today I’ll go back through the sample with you to help clarify some of the concerns I’m seeing pop up in those proposals–we’ll basically build a sample proposal together.

And look over in the “announcements” section. See that little thing that says Note that all the Task 2 resources are available on this blog post? They really are–always linked there in the announcements for your reference. Samples, instructions, helpful hints–all there.

RE: Homework

As an extension on Antigone, I’m asking you to read Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail for tomorrow. Class will start with a short quiz over the material, and then we’ll talk about it. For your lab book, please write in response to this prompt:

MLK, Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail – (A) King’s letter is organized by questions that the other clergy posed. Outline the letter by identifying each of the major “questions” he’s answering and offer a short summary of his answer to each. (B) Identify the TONE of the letter and any places where you see the tone shift. What are you clues that the tone has shifted?  (C) Identify the main logos, ethos, and pathos appeals in the letter (D) Based on your work, what do you think the PURPOSE of King’s letter is? Did he accomplish that purpose or not?

We’ll tackle the ANTIGONE questions once we have a good sense of what the letter is actually saying–so you’ll have to trust me on that.


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