11/4 – Reading Day for Chapters 10-13

Today is a reading day for Chapters 10-13. Before you get started, we’ll have a presentation on Heart Disease and Illness in literature (I’m linking directly to the presentation because I helped create it).

Our seminar is tomorrow. Please do ONE of the following in your lab book (you can choose which you prefer):

  1. Write three Socratic Seminar Questions and answer one.
  2. Flag five passages and write an analysis of one.

Lastly, I’m giving you your LOOKING FOR ALASKA books today because you have a LONG (but easy) reading assignment for your first reading chunk and I want you to have as close to a full week to get it done as possible! The lab book prompt is the same as it is above–EITHER write three quesitons/answer one OR flag five passages/analyze one.

Hmmm. I heard a little grumbling today in third hour. But the truth is, you’ve had the rest of the trimester’s assignments for so long that if you were worried about it, you could have asked and gotten the book early.


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