Scholars, good morning. I have not finished your grades yet! 🙂 I’ll be working on them later this afternoon. Most of you are doing VERY well, and I’m proud to call myself your teacher.

In terms of Socratic seminar, since we finished our three weeks of work on the seminars on the very last day of the trimester, I put those scores in right away. Most of you had your rubrics back, so you knew what was coming. For those who didn’t have their rubrics back yet, you’re welcome to pick them up on Monday. We’re very, very lucky that both Ms. Bjelland and I took extensive notes during the seminar and we met to discuss the rubric over every grade, so I feel very confident this is an accurate and insightful representation of your work. If you disagree, please let me know and we’ll pull out our notes to look at it together.

Your total discussion grade (25% of your overall grade) breaks down into three parts:

  • 50 points for discussions related to OMM and ANTIGONE
  • 50 points for discussions related to ASP and LFA/FLB
  • 50 points (100 weighted at .5) for the seminar discussion you were responsible for leading on ASP or LFA/FLB

I worked very hard to give you as MUCH credit as I could–so if you only contributed 2 times to a discussion you were supposed to lead, I tried to assess UP as much as possible–giving credit for notes you had in front of you or even if you just NODDED at someone who said something or had a post-it note in your book! 🙂

I know I COULD have just said oh, she contributed 2/8 times, so she earned 25%. But I wouldn’t want to do that to you.

In terms of lab books, I’ve gotten a few VERY impressive lab books (see below)!!!. Wow. Wow. Wow. So far (and I’m not done yet), I’ve seen 12 lab books earn a perfect 100% and many, many more that earned A’s–almost NO ONE has earned a D or an F. I think that is a record we should be so proud of. Bravo.

A well-thought out entry about LOOKING FOR ALASKA, with a rich left-side full of interesting notes.
A well-thought out entry with a rich left-side full of interesting notes.
A really lovely right side entry from Antigone.

At the same time, I’ve read a lot of lab books where students didn’t do the work of really WRITING out their thinking or making a full, rich argument. Oftentimes, these are lab books that have very brief entries or entries that consist entirely of notes and jots.

Essentially this tells me that those students didn’t take my mid-term evaulation very seriously (if at all). So this is an official reminder that  lab book entries, which have been assigned for EVERY reading assignment of the trimester are *still* worth 20% of your grade.

Yep, it comes at the end of the trimester and that can feel a little scary. At the same time, you’ve had a LOT of preparation:

  • I explained the lab book and it’s value to the trimester grade thoroughly on the first several days of school.
  • I gave everyone a copy of the rubric I would be using to evaluate the lab book on the day I first assigned a lab book entry. I referenced that rubric at our mid-term feedback point.
  • I have reminded us (very, very, very) frequently about the lab book’s value to the trimester grade–and the fact that it comes at the end of the trimester.
  • We did practice entries in the first few weeks of school, which I evaluated and initialed. Then I gave “lab book ambulance” help in class, including showing lab book entries on the Elmo and writing a mock lab book entry together.
  • Every time we’ve had a lab book assignment, it has appeared on the blog, been discussed/used in class, and often been written on the board/calendar in class as well.
  • At mid-term, I gave written feedback (or a one-on-one conference) to EVERY STUDENT which explained what needed to be done or changed in the lab book to improve it before the end of the trimester to protect that trimester grade.


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