11/16 – School Story & Hero’s Journey

Today we’re going to look back at the two school stories we’ve read so far: A SEPARATE PEACE and either LOOKING FOR ALASKA or FRANKIE LANDAU BANKS.

I’m providing you a chart (on Google Classroom–you need to make a COPY of it before editing it) of the elements of a school story as well as some of the potential ways those elements meet with the Hero’s Journey.

Your job is to identify as many of those elements as exist in each text and decide which corresponding component of the Hero’s Journey best matches it.

There are a number of samples completed for you on the chart so you can see them if you need to.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll watch our final “school story” text (a film, tbd) together and complete the “film” column in the chart. As a result, the chart won’t be due until December 10–but we won’t have any more class time to work on the ASP or LFA/FLB parts of the chart in class.


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