11/23 Writing Day Intro to Task 3

Today I’ll introduce Writing Task 3: In Which You Write a Memoir. Your job today is to WRITE AND SUBMIT your Proposal by the end of class today. Ideally, you can even get your proposal accepted by the end of class today.

That’s right. For this task, you have due dates!

Why? Because I don’t want you to be writing over winter break. I want you to have two weeks of eating junk food and sleeping late and hanging out with family and friends with NO ENGLISH hanging over your head.

So, in addition to your proposal being due by the end of the day today,

  • Your Task 3 Draft 1 is due on November 30 (Monday midnight).
  • Your Task 3 “Final” Draft is due December 11 (a Friday midnight).
  • Your Task 3 “Last Call” For Critical Reflections is December 16th (a Wednesday at 4 pm).

I’m not taking anything for Task 3 that isn’t in by December 16th. If you have an IEP or a 504 plan that gives you extended time, you need to talk to me one-on-one.


  1. Identify your audience. Who is likely going to read this? YA readers? Outdoor enthusiasts? Women who usually like chic flicks?Identify a title for the chapter.
  2. In memoir, these are usually pithy, catchy titles that work on multiple levels. “A Dog Loves a Bone” by Cynthia Kaplan, “Jimmy Hit Me Three Times” by Haven Kimmel (etc.)
  3. Tell the story in 2-3 sentences max.
  4. First say – what questions, concerns, ideas do you have at this point in the process?

The Memoir

  • Maximum 500 words (two double spaced pages with 1” margins).
  • LAST CALL for this assignment is December 16th. This deadline is not flexible. I will not grade papers over my vacation and I do not want you to WRITE papers over your vacation.

Tools To Help You


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