12/9-10 School Story Chart & Memoir Reading/Revision

We’ll finish Dead Poets Society and move to the lab to work on your school story charts (they’re on Google classroom). Remember, on your charts:

  • Some boxes won’t have a character/event/item to fill in
  • Some characters/events/items will fit in more than one box
  • Remember you’re trying to identify the ELEMENTS of the school story and THEN figure out which part of the hero’s journey seems like a good match to that element.

In your lab book for DPS, I’d like you to answer this prompt:

You took WWFN notes (What Would Foster Notice?) as you watched the movie. Now, in your lab book write an entry in which you choose 2-3 of the elements you observed and write an explanation for how those things change or shape your understanding of the film. You can consider any elements of symbol or pattern that seemed meaningful to you as you watched the film.

If you finish early, you know that you are supposed to be finished with your memoir (book) by FRIDAY and your memoir revision (writing) by SATURDAY.


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