1/7 – Reading Day for Articles

Today is set aside as a reading day. I’m going to ask us to begin our work with F451 by reading about the social issues Bradbury is addressing in his novel. This may seem a little backwards, but I’m trying to emphasize a key idea in this unit:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.49.59 AM

So I want us to be clear about what trends are being critiqued (and how they relate to our contemporary context) before we dive in. I’m guessing we’ll LIKE Bradbury’s book even more if we share some of the urgency and worry he expresses in it.

In your Dystopia packet, you’ll find three articles, and I’ll add the “Introduction” as a loose paper.

In your LAB BOOK, please respond to this prompt: What do you find compelling in these articles? Identify green lines or paragraphs. What trends are the articles responding to or indicative of in our culture? What might it look like if the trends these writers are worried about or responding to were taken to the logical extreme?


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