1/14 – F451 Small Group Discussion & Lab Book

Today I’ll have you work in small groups to respond to the Tweets from yesterday. Essentially, I’m looking for you to identify which ones you resonate with and why, which ones you have questions about, which ones raise new questions for you, etc.

Then, I’ll tell you what I noticed: I noticed that we didn’t tweet very much about the final conversation with Beatty–and there is a LOT of meat in that conversation!

So for the final ten minutes, I’ll ask you to re-read the conversation with Beatty at the end of Part I and write a lab book entry. In your lab book, reflect on what trends Bradbury is critiquing through Beatty. Write about things like

  • What issues is Beatty raising? How are these issues playing out today in our society? Are they as problematic as Beatty thinks they are? Why or why not?
  • We know there is a lot wrong with the SOLUTION Montag’s society came up with, but what’s wrong with the critique itself? Are there ways that critique is problematic?

One thought on “1/14 – F451 Small Group Discussion & Lab Book

  1. I think Beatty is raising the fact that individuality is not an option anymore because it raises conflict. When there are no options to choose from, the society can reach and maintain “happiness” and “peace”. In our society, individualism is what helps out world advance and grow, if that is not an option for us and them, then there is no room for growth, improvement, and creativity in society.

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