2/3-11 Updates

As a slight calendar adjustment,

  • Friday 2/5 will be a Writing Day
  • Monday 2/8 will be a discussion over the first half of your choice dystoipa
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this week (2/3-5) and Tuesday/Wednesday of next week (2/9-10) will all be work days on the concept maps and presentations.

Then, several groups would like to do their concept map as a slide show. I am open to this, but my expectation for a computerized concept map would be that you use PREZI or some large visual mapping option so that we can get a sense of the whole work and how the pieces interact, not just the individual slides.

In addition, I expect the work to have the same level of artistic interest a traditional concept map would have, so a google slide illustrated with a single image and a few words isn’t going to do the trick.


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