2/8-11 NEED FEEDBACK, Please comment…

Just a refresher on our week:

Monday – Small group discussions of your Choice Dystopias. I asked you to write in your lab books about two things:

  1. Choose a concept from your book mark and talk about how it interacts with the first half of your choice dystopia.
  2. Look at the types of controls on the Dystopia Handout and identify which ones are present in your book and how they impact your protagonist.

In your small groups, after discussing those prompts, I also asked you to consider:

  1. WHO is your protagonist and how do you know? Does s/he stand a chance in the world as it’s established in the first half of the book?
  2. WHAT is your protagonist’s moral imperative? What would make him/her able to “survive” internally, even if s/he couldn’t topple the dystopic society?

Tuesday & Wednesday – Finish your concept maps and plan your presentations (Mrs. B will be gone)

Thursday – Presentations

Friday – We are scheduled to discuss the second half of your choice dystopias and to take the reading quiz over the material, but I am leaning toward swapping w/our writing day one more time because of the pressure of the week. Yes?

Please let me know in comments if that schedule switch sounds okay!



4 thoughts on “2/8-11 NEED FEEDBACK, Please comment…

  1. We should change the discussion to Monday again! It worked out very well. With presentations to prepare the week will be really hectic.

  2. I agree that we should have a writing day on Friday like last week. It will be helpful to have the extra weekend to finish up our dystopia books.

  3. A schedule change would be great! Like Kamara said, it’s kind of hectic this week. I think if I could get in another weekend to read that would balance out all the other homework cramming I have to do during the rest of the week. Thanks Mrs. B!

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