2/23 Finish Bishop’s “Sestina” & Paraphrase Assignment for “Those Winter Sundays”

Today we’ll finish our study of Elizabeth Bishop’s “Sestina.”

For tonight, in your lab books, write a paraphrase of “Those Winter Sundays” (page 5 in your Poems Book). Your paraphrase should go line by line, and your lines will probably be significantly longer than those of the poem, since you’re essentially translating the poem into prose.

For example:

Original Paraphrase
Sundays too my father got up early Even on Sundays, my father woke up early and got out of bed

I’m also asking you to do some interpretive work as you paraphrase. Like in the second line, when the author describes “blueback cold,” it would be hard to paraphrase that without thinking about what it means. The repeated “b” sounds remind me of teeth chattering and the word somehow evokes bruising. So when I paraphrase it, I will use that thinking in my work:

Original Paraphrase
 And put his clothes on in the blueback cold And got dressed in the teeth-chatteringly bruising cold

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