4/13-15 Field Trip & Rehearsal, Days 2 & 3

Wednesday was our field trip.

I’m hopeful that seeing the play staged will help you with your own BLOCKING, which is the work of Thursday and Friday this week.

From Wikipedia:

In theatre, blocking is the precise staging of actors in order to facilitate the performance of a play, ballet, film or opera.

In contemporary theater, the director usually determines blocking during rehearsal, telling actors where they should move for the proper dramatic effect, ensure sight lines for the audience and work with the lighting design of the scene.

Each scene in a play is usually “blocked” as a unit, after which the director will move on to the next scene. The positioning of actors on stage in one scene will usually affect the possibilities for subsequent positioning unless the stage is cleared between scenes.

As you do not have a true “director” and there is only ONE of me, I’m going to ask you to block your scenes and then let me see them and make corrections as is useful.

You probably noticed this in the play, but I’ll say it here for clarity:


When you’re on stage, you’re in character. The more you give your characters to DO, and the more believable those actions are, the better. If you only “act” when you have lines, the scene fails.

What makes a believable action? It has to be motivated by who the character is. Make choices about your characters and give them REASONS to behave as they do.


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