5/17-19 – The Princess Bride

We’ll start by exploring the overlap between irony (which we saw a lot of in Slaughterhouse Five) and parody/satire.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.40.33 PM

The move we’re about to watch is a parody of (among other things) common tropes from fairy tales. What we’ll see is that this particular parody is often ironic, or often uses irony to develop the parody.

Though to be honest, the biggest irony of the Princess Bride is that people have taken it and made it mean exactly the thing it’s parodying. As if, by acknowledging the parody, it gives us all permission to love fairy tales again (just like the little boy whose grandpa’s reading to him).

I’ll also introduce the notion of a frame story: a story within a story. In the case of this movie, the STORY is the fairy tale about Buttercup and Westley. The FRAME STORY is the tale of the Grandpa reading to his sick grandson.

The other thing we’ll brainstorm are some of the common fairy tale tropes:

[I’ll insert our pictures of these things later]

All of this is meant to help with Task 6, where you’ll be writing a One and Done film review. Today I’ll provide a notes sheet and some Sample Reviews with commentary to assist you in preparing for it.

As you can see from the materials, you’ll be writing

  • Lede – hinting about your sense of the director’s purpose
  • Plot synopsis
  • Analysis of  the literary elements
  • Analysis of the cinematic elements (effects, lighting, set/prop/costume, music, etc)
  • Analysis of the quality of the acting (focus on which performances stole the show)
  • Assessment of how well the director accomplished his purpose

So these are the things you’ll be taking notes over as you watch. Have fun.


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