5/19-23: Task 6

We’ll finish the film today and hopefully have some time to talk about & plan for talk about and plan for Task 6 together. If not, you’d be CRAZY not to read that link and do some pre-thinking and pre-planning for tomorrow.

I will post the task in Google Classroom Friday morning. You are invited to use class time on Friday to write the essay. If you would like more time, you have it. The essay is not due until 4:00 p.m. on Monday.


Remember that plagiarism means using someone else’s WORDS, IDEAS, or ORGANIZATION–accidental borrowing of ideas and organization are far too easy to slip into on this assignment. As a result, I cannot suggest strongly enough that you stay away from ANY online reviews of the Princess Bride as well as from each other’s papers.

You signed the pledge sheet at the beginning of the year; I expect you to abide by it.



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