5/23-5/25 Wrapping it Up

Scholars, this is the end of our time together. Here’s what this week will look like:


Today is a work day for your affirmations, which are due on Wednesday. Remember affirmation is just a fancy word for “true, confident words.”Your job is to say a few true, confident words about your classmates.

If you didn’t request a handwritten version, then you can access the electronic version on Google Classroom.

NOTE: Even if you MAKE them electronically, you must bring in a PRINTED version to class.


We’ll take our vocabulary test. It will be on Quizlet over “all the words.” I’ll ask you to prompt with definition, so you will need to produce/provide the word. That way I can check in on your spelling, too.

I’ve heard some people say “it doesn’t impact your grade very much,” which is true if you do well, but may be much worse than that if you do badly. Why?

  • The points are higher than they’ve been in past trimesters now that we’re doing all the words
  • You typically have a lot more grades in this category than you do third trimester. So this will have more weight as a result.


Affirmations are due and then we’ll be having a po__u_k in class together as we cut them up and pass them out to each other.


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