8/24 – The First Day


(Super short period 1 today and super short period 5 tomorrow)

Today I’ll ask you to fill out an informational sheet and write me a short letter. Then I’ll do a short presentation orienting you to the class.

ARGH! Poor first hour. The schedule & the ELMO wonked things up. Let’s skip the conceit for now, I know it was confusing. We’ll finish talking about it tomorrow.

Then we’ll look at a visual conceit from an old cover of the New Yorker. A conceit is an extended metaphor–one that carries throughout a given piece of work (writing, visual art, film, etc.).

Your job, once you understand what a conceit is? Write one of your own. In the one you write, compare yourself to a Monopoly playing piece (one of the classics):

  • thimble
  • racecar
  • cowboy
  • scottie dog
  • iron
  • old shoe
  • wheelbarrow
  • iron
  • top hat

You may write it as a paragraph or a poem. Your conceits are due Friday.



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