8/26 – Intro to Lab Book & Watch “Just”

Today we chatted briefly about the “Bad Habits of Good Readers” article. Then, I introduced you to the idea of your English 10 Honors Lab Book. We assembled it together with a little cut-and-paste magic (including these pages see a 10-second how-to video here).

Then I asked you to watch this video from Radiohead:

In your lab book over this weekend, I want you to write your first entry, responding to this prompt:

Why did the man lie down? What did he say at the end? Why did everyone else lie down, too?

You may re-watch the video as many times as you like. You may talk to your family (provided they are not people who have been a part of this class before). You may use the the lyrics and script (which I provided for you).

You may NOT use any outside resources: the internet, liner notes, each other, teachers.


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