9/2 – Vocabulary

Period 5: you have the same assignment that Period 1 had yesterday (see previous post) – to read one of the chapters listed in Foster and write a short summary of his main points in your lab book.

Today I’m going to introduce our vocabulary system. In a nutshell:

At the beginning of the year you get a list of 149 words. 100 of these are morphemes (word parts, including prefixes, suffixes and roots), and 49 of them are academic terms commonly used in English classes. You are expected to learn the entire list by the end of the year.

  • Each trimester you have a graded test over the material. You must know the first fifty morphemes by the end of first trimester, the first 100 morphemes by the end of second trimester, and the entire list by the end of third trimester.
  • We designate part of every Friday to talking about and quizzing ourselves over these words as a means of studying and reviewing.
  • You have access to Quizlet as a tool to help you study – see links in sidebar.

Weekly quizzes are not graded, however. Instead, these quizzes are charted. The goal is to show your progress over the year in mastering the terms. You earn only THREE vocabulary grades:

  1. The grade on your trimester test.
  2. A grade on your progress chart (is your line trending up)
  3. A grade on your vocab assignment (each student will be responsible for “teaching” some of the vocabulary words to us, more info about that to come).

Period 1 also had a lovely discussion about discussion; folks feel that it is going pretty well. We shall see… 🙂


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