9/7 – Writing, Take 2

So. The truth is that 5th hour got massively hosed twice by the early-out schedule (and will get hosed again on Friday due to the pep assembly).

1st hour probably didn’t feel THAT much better about the rush yesterday either.

SO: Let’s slow the heck down.

I’d like to back up in my plans and make today a FULL writing day. This will allow 5th hour to catch up to 1st hour and will give 1st hour students plenty of time to work on those proposals.

That means today will include:

  • Finish introducing the annotated bibliographies and Task 1 (1st hour only)
  • Open the annotated Bibliography together and practice accessing it without going back to Google classroom
  • Set up the Task 1 Prop 1 together (formatting, etc.) and discuss how to turn it in.

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