9/20-21 – Ch 5&6 Discussion


We’ll talk about these two chapters on Thursday.

For this discussion, I’m opening up blog comments for students who would like to make a contribution, but didn’t do so in class for any reason. If you do so within 24 hours of the discussion, then you can earn full credit for your contribution, provided that

  • You add something to the discussion that we didn’t get to address OR you offer a nuance on the discussion that might change how we see things
  • You explain clearly how your thinking connects with the class discussion we actually had.
  • You reference the text as specifically as possible.

On the flip side, contributions that…

  • summarize the discussion
  • repeat things we already discussed
  • identify thoughts about the text without reference to the discussion
  • reference general/vague ideas that may or may not specifically relate to the actual text

…will earn a maximum of 7/10 credit.


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