9/27 – Finish Film

Today we’ll finish the OMM film and your graphic organizer. In your lab book respond to this prompt:

Which of the Foster symbols we’ve discussed (violence, meals, being marked, geography/season) did the director use most effectively in the movie? Why was his use of that symbol so effective?

FYI, the director’s name is Gary Sinise (also the guy who played George).

Also, a reminder that your first annotated Bibliography entry is due by Friday 9/30. I’m not making the next five morphemes (7-11) due until next Thursday, 10/6.

(BTW, it occurred to me while I was driving to Vermont over the last few days that the American Dream symbolism is even stronger than I’ve ever thought. Essentially, innocent Lennie who holds fast to the American Dream gets shot in the head by the very person who GAVE HIM THE DREAM. Just like the American workers in the Great Depression…)



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