10/3-5 Starting A Separate Peace

Good heavens, I’m a little behind here on the website. Forgive me.

Monday –  was our usual writing day. Many of you are working on first drafts, and we’re all pushing up against a very quick deadline, so please keep turning those drafts around and around.

Tuesday – we workshopped the questions you’d written for practice. I had you write each of the questions on a separate post-it note and then put it on a poster for that type of question:

  • Open-ended (requires logic, text, and conversation to develop an answer)
  • Literary analysis (deals with signposts, symbol, or pattern)
  • Universal/Theme (asks us to use specific parts of the text to address concepts or themes)

Then you analyzed the questions, trying to figure out if they met all of these criteria:

  1. Is this question a good match for the “type” of question it’s supposed to be?
  2. Would someone answering this question have a lot to say?
  3. Would someone answering this question need the text?

By the end of the period, most folks felt they had a better idea of what the purpose of each type of question was and how to write one for the first seminar.

Then I presented information from Foster for your Critical Reading Packet on three new symbols: Weather, Baptism, and Sex.

Wednesday– (today) is a reading day for Chapters 2 & 3. You will only write ONE lab book entry for these chapters, preparing for our first Socratic Seminar tomorrow.


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