10/13 – Reading day ASP Chapters 6 & 7

Today we’ll start with presentations from Foster material, but the rest of the day is for reading.

In seminar, my favorite moments have all started with “I noticed ______ on page _____. Can we talk about that?” It got us to look closely at the text and to read for symbols (season, geography, sex, marks, violence, baptism, meals, etc).

So…INSTEAD of doing the regular Socratic Seminar lab book entry for Chapters 6 & 7, I want you to try something different:

  1. Use sticky notes to identify five passages that seem particularly meaningful/dense.
  2. Choose ONE of the five passages and write an analysis explaining what the text means, HOW YOU KNOW that’s what it means AND an explanation of why it’s important to the story.

In terms of Foster chapters, today is COMPLICATED, so the notes are LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG, though I will give you a typed “Christ figure” list to tape into your Foster notes.

So…here are the slideshows…


One thought on “10/13 – Reading day ASP Chapters 6 & 7

  1. when Gene is in the butt room I connected that to hell because it was described in such detail of how gross and dark it was and that the teachers made it look gross to discourage kids from smoking. Of course Gene doesn’t belong there so I saw it as a test that the devil (and a little bit of Gene himself) was putting Gene through to see if he had lost all that was good after Finney “died”

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