10/14 – ASP Ch 6 & 7 Seminar

Go ahead and comment here if you didn’t get your two cents in.

A reminder: You earn credit if you comment within 24 hours of the discussion, provided that:

  • You add something to the discussion that we didn’t get to address OR you offer a nuance on the discussion that might change how we see things
  • You explain clearly how your thinking connects with the class discussion we actually had.
  • You reference the text as specifically as possible.

On the flip side, contributions that…

  • summarize the discussion
  • repeat things we already discussed
  • identify thoughts about the text without reference to the discussion
  • reference general/vague ideas that may or may not specifically relate to the actual text

3 thoughts on “10/14 – ASP Ch 6 & 7 Seminar

  1. In chapters 6 & 7, I want to talk about the phone call that Finny and Gene had. Was Gene happy that he called? Finny called Gene to check if they are still roommates, but I also thought that Finny was scared that he was going to be replaced or forgotten by someone else. Finny does care about Gene, but I am not sure if Gene feels the same way, because when Finny was not there Gene wore Finny’s clothes. Trying to be like him. Is Gene really happy with the friendship with Finny? After Finny found out that he was not being replaced. He mention that he wasted his money on the call that was pointless, but I assumed he realized how bad that sounded and changed the topic to sports to lighten things up and to really know what Gene is being up to while he is away.

  2. I noticed on page 73 the author says that the hymn they started off with began with “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Forgive Our Foolish Ways” and I thought that was a key detail that gene used because although he is trying to be like Finny, I feel like this means Gene feels really bad about what he did to Finny and is trying to ask for forgiveness. Also, on page 80 gene says “I feel as though I done it for myself” after punching Quakenbush as an act of defending Finny and I think he is not only trying to prove himself to himself to Finny but he is trying to resolve the envious war he created in his head.

  3. I was thinking maybe Leper is a biblical symbol…Leper is an outcast at Devan and in the Bible Lepers were ignored and isolated

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