Task 2 Resources & Progress Monitoring

One of your brilliant classmates said that email doesn’t feel concrete enough to be a good measure of your progress on writing tasks. I am willing to address this in two different ways:

  1. If you would prefer to submit your papers on PAPER, you certainly may. Give them to me and I give them back to you. That is about as concrete as it gets. In fact, that’s how we used to do it before Google. In that case, you’ll add your new paper EACH TIME to the stack so I get the whole stack back from you each time. Good luck with my handwriting.
  2. I created a chart on the wall by the pencil sharpener. It shows the first due date for your first proposal (10/31) and the last call for the whole task (12/2). I will simply record the dates I get those papers from you as they come in, and I will circle the date if the proposal/paper gets accepted and you’ve moved on to the next step. If you do not want me to keep track of your papers up on this chart, you can simply cross off the row with your name on it.

Even MORE Task 2 Resources:

  • Task 2 Assignment– First proposal due no later than 10/31, Last Call for any Task 2 work is 12/2.
  • Task 2 Proposal Template – Go to FILE then MAKE A COPY, you will have one you own and you can fill-in-the-blank for your proposal. This will also help with formatting.
  • Also, here is a Sample Task 2 Proposal that uses the template and a Sample Task 2 Letter based on that proposal, but be warned not to plagiarize the sample letter. I STRONGLY advise you not write with it in front of you.

One more time, this is the Persuasion Basics Slide Show that we worked through in class Monday. This is the foundation for writing this task–the first foray into direct instruction on the topics.

Once you have an accepted Proposal… You may find these helpful, too: The Task 2 Outline and The Task 2 Letter Template.



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