Last Seminar

Today is our final seminar. If you didn’t get your 2 cents in, now is your chance. Comment on this post.



6 thoughts on “Last Seminar

  1. One thing I noticed that really stood out was that every character’s enemy is the bad side of themselves and Finny was the only one without a bad side. Another thing that I found interesting was Finny LITERALLY died from a broken heart. In seminar you said that because the physical accident didn’t kill him it would be his heart breaking.. I had no idea you literally meant his heart would BREAK!!

  2. I’m not sure if you guys talked about this in the seminar, but the tiny details in the first chapter were perfectly explained in the last two chapters. Particularly the hardness of the stairs, that passage broke my HEART! Also, I thought it was interesting that in the first chapter, Gene couldn’t figure out which tree was The Tree, at least until he got up close and looked at the notches in the trunk. I thought that might symbolize Gene’s growth — even though the events of that year changed him and shaped who he was, it wasn’t as painful as it used to be to remember. I have no idea if I’m right, because I’m really not great at symbolism, but that really stood out to me.

  3. On page 186 Gene says it was as though he’d been a ghost this whole time he’s been at Devon. I think the shows how much Finny really consumed Gene’s life and how big a part he was. There are many references throughout the book when Finny and Gene are the “same” person. Gene’s mention of being a ghost comes right after he sees Finny in the hospital- where he will eventually die. I think that Gene being a ghost happens because Finny’s death, like when Finny died, the part of him that was in Gene died too.

  4. When all of the time she are being listed off on page 192 I thought that it showed how this routine is so normal but this day isn’t. He always goes to these classes at these times but normally Finny is with him but today he is not. It also shows how something more out of the ordinary is going to happen later in the day.

  5. On pages 185/186 when Gene was walking back from the infirmary and he was noticing how everything was different and clearer, I thought that could have been because once Phineas fell everything was clear and so he had a new way of perceiving things.

  6. I don’t know if being a Judas figure is a thing but i really see some correlation between gene and Judas gene killed finny in the tree scene much as Judas sold out Jesus which got Jesus killed but after the even both felt terrible Judas went back to the Romans and returned the money he got for selling out Jesus as a way to apologize gene went back to the infirmary as a way to say sorry to finny for killing him in both cases they were dismissed Judas hung himself gene went wandering around the campus saying he was a ghost also known as being dead so i think there could be some sort of correlation between gene and Judas.

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