10/28-11/1 – Finishing ASP

On Friday and Tuesday, you’ll work on mapping A SEPARATE PEACE onto the hero’s journey.

Monday will be a writing day as always.

A few things I’m noticing for Monday’s Essay Ambulance:

  • Each of your main arguments should come from a different strand of argument. The strands of argument help sheet is attached to your proposal template.
  • The samples are written as a TEACHER about a book in the LIBRARY, but you are writing as a STUDENT about a book in the CURRICULUM.
  • Your arguments need to be PROACTIVE. They should have NOTHING to do with your opponents’ arguments. You address your opponents in the COUNTERARGUMENTS section. You can see the problem in this sample.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 11.11.10 AM.png

  • Watch out for the BIG THREE fallacies: begging the question, red herring, and hasty generalization. In fact, it may help you to know that most of the time if the concern about the book is CONTENT related (violence, sex, rape, profanity), there are only three counter arguments available:
    • Yes, there’s ______, but the book doesn’t ENDORSE it.
    • Yes, there’s ______, but there are always negative consequences for it in the book.
    • Yes, there’s ______, but it’s better to read a book with this content at school with a teacher than alone without guidance.

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