11/8 Discuss “Before” from LFA

Today we’ll talk about the “before” section from Looking for Alaska.

We’re going to focus in first on the WWFN Question (What Would Foster Notice?). These were the ones that came up first hour and probably will come up again 5th hour:

  • Baptisms
  • Meals and “meals”
  • Sex & not sex
  • Season/Weather
  • Marked characters

I can’t wait to see where we go with this stuff…!



One thought on “11/8 Discuss “Before” from LFA

  1. One thing Foster would first off notice is her name, Alaska. The Name its self is representative in death its self. Alaska is a cold and snowy and embodies ‘winter’ obviously. And winter is a symbol for depression and death, so right away we know Alaska is going to die. And the fact that she choose her own name is unique and shows that she will also choose her own death, which in a way she did(I have read this book before). A second thing that Foster would notice is baptism. Pudge is bound by the legs and arms and half naked and thrown into the lake, basically left for death. This shows the baptism was highly forceful and unwilling. And one think that sparked my interest about this is the fact that The Connell makes a point that no one is suppose to get it that bad. Showing that Pudge is going to suffer in his time at the school, and hes going to suffer a lot harder than anyone else, do to the way he was baptized.

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