11/17-18 Hero’s Journey Charts

Today we’ll do a little bit of housekeeping to start off second trimester, including creating some folders in your Google Drive and organizing them a little bit. I will also ask you to join our new Google Classroom for the trimester.

Then the rest of the period will belong to you to work on your Hero’s Journey Charts. You will also have all day tomorrow (Friday) to finish it. I’m going to ask you to turn it in via Google Classroom on Monday.

In the meantime, a few reminders:

  • Task 2 ends December 2. That is like two weeks away and many of you are still on the proposal phase. You have been warned.
  • Your THIRD annotated Bibliography is due November 30. It should be on the SAME document as the first two. You will turn it in to Google Classroom. Just a reminder that your academic honesty pledge applies to your annotated bibliographies just as much as it does to any other work we do in class.

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