11/22 – Creating a Pattern

Okay, we’re going to do a quick essay ambulance with passive voice (post-quiz link in Google Classroom).

Then we’re going to turn our attention to something BIG: making a new pattern.

Before we began reading ASP/LFA/HP5, I gave a lecture about the hero’s journey. Then we worked hard to analyze these texts both for symbol and for how they mirrored the hero’s journey pattern (internally).

Today, I’m asking you to do something different with these texts. I want you to imagine that they are not hero’s journey stories after all. Instead, they are something called a “Boarding School Story” (no, don’t Google that!).

If all you know about the Boarding School Story is that all three of these texts fit the model, can you invent the model? I’m going to give you a map to help you think through the pattern in three categories: plot outline, character types, and other conventions.

(Also, for your reference, I redid the hero’s journey into those same three categories so you could see what it looks like.)

The rest of the period, you’ll work in small groups to make this new pattern. I want you to know that what I’m asking you to do is HARD THINKING. In education, we call this “abstracting up,” which means you’re taking a pool of specific evidence and creating the abstract categories for it. I know you can do it, but it will take perseverance. And in any case, it’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Task 4…so it’s excellent practice.


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