12/2 – Foundation of Reading Like a Writer

FINAL OFFER: If you have a Task 2 paper ACCEPTED by 12/2, you may turn in your CR/Rubric by 9:00 a.m. on Monday. That’s the absolute best I can do in terms of making sure we’re ready for what happens Monday in class.

Today you’ll check out your memoirs in the LMC. You need to read the first half-ish of these memoirs for December 8. There will be NO additional out-of-class reading, and yes you can read these during SSR if that’s useful.

Then, today, we’ll talk about the foundational skills of Reading Like a Writer. First, we’ll do some conversation based on the essays that you read.

Then, we’ll look at some key tools that actual memoirists use, and see how those tools work in two short excerpts of memoirs “A Dog Loves a Bone” (from Why I’m Like This) and (if time permits) “Hair” (from A Girl Named Zippy).


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