12/13 – Beginning Antigone

Today we’ll begin our work with Antigone. This play is part of a trilogy, and it was the first play written, although it’s the third in the sequence chronologically (like Star Wars).

We’ll start with some background information:

Then, you’ll be working in smaller groups to read the first section of the play (stop just when the sentry enters for the first time, before he starts talking to Creon).

In your lab book for tonight, CHOOSE one of the following as a journal prompt:

    • Which character garners your sympathy more, Creon or Antigone?  Why?  Why does the other character NOT garner your sympathy?  Support your answer with evidence from the text.
    • Analyze Creon’s opening speech for shifts in tone, persuasive appeals, metaphors. It’s packed with meaning and subtle jabs.
    • Which position does the Chorus/Choragos support? How do you know?

For your out-of-class needs, here is a complete e-text version of our translation of Antigone.


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