12/15-21 Antigone

5th hour requested a list of the lab book entries we’ve done this year for your use as you prepare for lab book interviews. This is my best approximation of a list like that, though I may have missed one or two.

Just to be clear, when you’re giving your lab book interview, the minimum is ONE example per required text. If you have seven lab book entries about OMM, you only have to read from one of them at some point in your interview.

On our short day, I’ll ask you to finish reading the play.

Then, on Friday, some sign ups. I’ll pass out lab book sign up sheets for you and here is our  potluck sign up for Wednesday.

Then, we’ll do our usual vocab rigmarole followed by a discussion:

  1. Go back to Odes III and IV (the ones you read yesterday) – do verbal paraphrases and discuss which role the chorus is fulfilling in each
  2. What is Tiresias’s role in this tragedy? How does blindness function as a symbol? For whom? How does his backstory highlight some of the tensions in the second half of the play around Haimon/Antigone’s romance?
  3. Who is the tragic hero and how do you know?
  4. What are the “false lessons” of Antigone? And what is the real, central lesson of Antigone? And how do you know?
  5. Is “Antigone” (translation: “against the gonads”) an appropriate name for this play? Why or why not?

In your lab book, I’d like you to write a response (a traditional lab book response) to question 3 above, Who is the tragic hero in this play and how do you know?

A Peek Ahead

  • MONDAY, we have a writing day.
    • Your final drafts of your memoirs are due no later than midnight. There are still 8 in my inbox that will be back to you today. If those 8 students need an extra day, I will allow it because it was harder than I expected to get through all the papers in less than a week despite working on them around the clock.
    • I’ll talk to you a little bit about “left side writing” in your lab book, something that will really help you to give a stronger, more reflective lab book interview in January, and something you can do with your time Monday if you’re ahead of the game on your memoir, as many of you are.
    • We’ll also be doing some large group work on these same Antigone questions
  • WEDNESDAY we’ll have our class potluck, and then you’ll be in small groups discussing the first half of your book-length memoirs. It will be like book club. With 10H-ers.
  • AFTER BREAK: The second half of your memoir is due 1/4 (the first day we are back) and your final annotated bibliography is due Jan 8.

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