12/20 – Left Side Lab Book

Quick Glimpse

  • Potluck tomorrow
    • First half of memoir due in class
    • Critical reflection/rubric due in class (use online form only)
  • Second half of memoir due 1/4
  • Final annotated Bibliography entry due 1/8
  • Lab Book Interviews begin 1/9


Narrative Version

We were going to talk Antigone together today, but I think that’s too ambitious for where we actually are as a group.

So…first, a reminder that our potluck is TOMORROW and you will be talking with your group about the first 1/2 of your memoir, writing a pretty detailed analysis in your lab books together

Today I’ll talk about going back through your lab book and doing some left side work. Not just the discussion notes you’ve already added, but some reflective thinking. You can see an example here. In fifth hour, we’ll highlight this to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Admittedly, telling you about left side lab-book writing is advance warning for something that doesn’t technically need to be done until your interview, but if you leave it until then, you’ll be hurting, because you’ll have left side writing to do AND outlining your interview to do…and that’s too much.

I’ll also show you the online critical reflection/rubric on Google Forms. This electronic CR/Rubric is due tomorrow IN CLASS. I will start grading 1st hour’s during 4th period. I will start grading 5th hour’s during in 6th period. If you’ve already submitted your final draft, you can begin this work now. If you final draft was due today instead, you need to wait to do the CR/Rubric until you are done with the final draft.

Then I’m giving you the rest of the period to work on these things. Happy holidays from Mrs. B.



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