1/9 – Introducing Task 4

Lab book interviews start today. The schedule is posted outside my door so that you can check and double check your scheduled date as often as you like.

REMINDER: I assigned you to read Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” for tomorrow. This is a very difficult essay to read, so as a result, I suggest you use the lab book prompt to help you read it. This is a non-traditional lab book entry:

King’s letter is organized by questions that the other clergy posed to him. Outline the letter by identifying each of the major “questions” he’s answering and offer a short summary of his answer to each.

For today I’m introducing Task 4. This is your research & synthesis task, and as a result the packet is more important and helpful than maybe any other Task packet is. It contains all the information and step-by-step help.

Your first proposal is due no later than 1/16 (Monday).

In addition, based on popular requests, I’m going to go over (again) what a lab book interview “sounds like,” using this live-action slide show.


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