1/13 & 1/17 – Nabokov & Task 4 Writing

We’ll talk about the Nabokov essay together on Friday. On Tuesday, we’ll condense down what Nabokov said into some manageable notes in your Critical Reading Essays…and we’ll add him to our bulletin board of critical reading skills.

One thing I’m going to suggest to us is that we’ll be doing a lot of MOTIF tracking over the next few weeks, and this is one obvious way to access Nabokov’s imperative to “fondle the details.”

Then, for the rest of Tuesday, we’ll be working on Task 4. A few quick reminders:

The Task 4 Assignment pages gives you the three questions for your proposal:

  1. Which genre are you writing about?
  2. What is the pattern you discovered in your note taking?
    • Protagonist
    • 3+ elements of plot
    • 1 Uniquely Defining Feature
  3. First say.

But the real bugaboo is that I’ve asked you to include your notes at the bottom of your proposal. This is part of how I can tell that you’ve done actual research and not just guessed at your pattern.

  • If you did these as handwritten notes, snap a pic and pop it underneath your proposal.
  • If you did them electronically, you can copy and paste them at the bottom of your proposal

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