1/25 – F 451 Part I – Discussion

Today we’ll talk as a larger group.

Before we go too far, I’m going to ask you to do a little thinking about Beatty’s monologue on pp 54-62.

Then the floor will be open to discussion. In your tweets, these were things that came up several times:

  • How is a book a “loaded gun in the house next door?”
  • What is the “wrong kind of social life” that Clarisse has?
  • What’s with all the counting?
  • Why do kids kill each other?
  • Why is burning books the method of maintaining social order?
  • Why so many suicides?
  • Why did the woman care about her books so much?

And here are some things I think are worth talking about:

  • Montag’s candle memory
  • The idea of faces as mirrors
  • The significance of his conversation with the technicians after Millie’s suicide attempt?
  • What is behind the ventillator grille?
  • What’s the meaning of Montag’s separation from his hand?
  • Millie is unwilling to turn off parlor walls for Montag. Why?
  • What about front porches?

3 thoughts on “1/25 – F 451 Part I – Discussion

  1. Whenever Guy is with Clarisse, everything is bright. She helps him see the world. But whenever Guy is alone, it’s usually really dark and dull and confused.

  2. 1. I had an idea for what Bradbury was criticizing: people who recognize that things are wrong and don’t say anything about it. I think that it makes sense for the time in which Bradbury was writing this book and that Montag had the books, and had the knowledge to stand up but hasn’t done anything yet.

    2. “the people are physically alive but emotionally dead/ numbed.” in Beatty’s monolog he says that the humans chose this path but I think the gov’t were the ones that took it too far in an attempt to make everyone happy.

  3. I thought the parlor walls were designed to fill the void in society. Hence why they did not want to turn them off.

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