2/28 – Poetry

Today we’ll finish outlining the Frost essay together and talk about what skills he’s advocating.

Then I’ll pass out your poetry books. These are a collection of great poems, some that we’ll study and some that we won’t. It is part book, part gift. I hope you enjoy at least one of the poems you find in there.

We’ll start by looking at some definitions of poetry together–talking about what they mean and which ones resonate.

Then we’re going to look at three poems and a news article all about the same incident (starting on page 28 in the poetry book). In your LAB BOOK, I’m going to ask you to write responding to this prompt:

What similarities and differences do you notice between how the POEMS recount the events and how TIME MAGAZINE recounts the event?

Based on these similarities and differences, develop your own working definition of poetry.

Some background information that will be useful in reading the poems:

  • petrol – another word gasoline, the key ingredient in napalm, a chemical the US used on people in Viet Nam, which causes burns/scarring and is extremely difficult to wash off (See photo and its results here)
  • Quaker – a Christian religious tradition (or “sect”) that emphasizes equality, social justice, and holds quiet meetings where people are to reflect deeply before speaking
  • to “try” a thought – means to test it out, think it all the way through
  • conscripts – another word for “drafts,” as in the military draft
  • Robert McNamara – The secretary of defense during the Viet Nam war; often known as the “architect” of the war

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