3/2-3 Intro to Manuscript Study

On Thursday, I’ll model manuscript study for you on the Elmo and ask you to follow along.  The model will be on “Norman Morrison” by Adrian Mitchell.


On Friday, I’m going to talk about what I want you to notice from the model (above):

  • The observations (in various colors) lead to the questions (in red pen).
  • There are almost always questions when we notice a literary device or signpost (identified in sky blue pen).
  • The questions (in red pen) engage with the language of the text, often using the EXACT words of the text.
  • We let the observations be, and we let the questions go unanswered initially.
  • When we move into interpretation phase, we answer the most interesting questions in the order they appear (in pencil).
  • Sometimes there are multiple possible answers, and it’s okay to let those answers co-exist (like under “What is the “white heart” of Washington).
  • We don’t answer every questions (notice we skipped the one about the oxymoron).
  • We use the earlier answers int the text to address later questions.

Then, I’m going to give you a chance to do individual time on the second “Norman Morrison” poem, the one by David Ferguson. We’ll collect our questions and observations in class, too (if you click on that link, you can see the questions we came up with).

But I’m going to ask you to do the interpretation part on your own. Take this poem, paste it in your lab book and start to do the interpretation (aka answering the questions we’ve posed), on your own.

Use the details of the poem.

Stay in the flashlight.

Depend on as little information OUTSIDE the poem as possible.

…Bring it back with you on Monday.


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