3/8 – “Sestina” and “Rink Keeper’s Sestina” Homework

Scholars, today we’ll finish our manuscript study of Elizabeth Bishop’s “Sestina.” Then, pull it out of your packet and tape it into your lab book. Since it’s a FULL page, you can do this easily by folding it in half and taping just one edge in like this:

Then I’m giving you a homework assignment (which you may have time to begin today in class).  I’d like you to do a COMPLETE–but independent–manuscript study of “Rink Keeper’s Sestina.”

This means you’ll do individual time and interpretation. In other words: you’ll come up with the questions AND then work to arrive at the answers. You are welcome to work with each other, but I strongly advise against using the internet. The internet will not be able to help you when you have to write your paper, so you better figure things out for yourself now. It will save a lot of time later.

When you finish, I want you to do something different. Tape your manuscript in the LEFT side of your lab book instead of the right side. On the right side, I want you to use the manuscript study that you completed to answer this lab book prompt:

Ostensibly, “Rink Keeper’s Sestina” is about hockey. But what it is really about? What’s the message of the poem and how do you know? Use details and evidence

Note: Both the manuscript study and the lab book entry are due tomorrow, late work on this assignment will not be accepted. If you’re in class, so is your work. If you’re not, you can show it to me when you return.



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