5/3 – Reflection, Motifs, and Irony

Quick survey on gender neutral restrooms here.

Part I: Reflection

Today we’re going to do some reflection on the work we did. Educational research tells us that we are more likely to benefit from an experience if we reflect on it. Happiness research also tells us we are more likely to be happy if we express gratitude for our good experiences.

So we’ll start by making a list – individually and together – of the things we enjoyed from this month-long process. By “enjoyed” I don’t necessarily just mean “things that were fun,” but rather “things that were worthwhile.”

Then I’ll also ask you if there are 1-2 things you think I could shift to make this experience even better for next year’s students.

Part II: Motifs

Next, I’m going to ask you to do some ACADEMIC thinking about the learning experience you just had. We talked a lot about motifs, but not necessarily what those motifs meant. So I’m going to give you a matching exercise–matching motifs to their themes.

Then, you’ll tape that matching exercise into your lab book and write a lab book entry about YOUR SCENE. Identify one of the motifs that was present in your scene and how your scene connects to the theme that goes with that motif.

Part III: Irony

Next up is our final novel of the year, Slaughterhouse Five. It is rife with irony. So I’m going to ask you to read one more chapter in How to Read Literature Like a Professor, “Is He Serious? and Other Ironies” (p 235-244). You do not have a lab book prompt for this reading, but I am going to ask you to be ready for a quiz over this material tomorrow.


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