5/8 SH5 Chapter 1

If you have 2nd and 3rd period free on May 10 (Wednesday), you are welcome to join my English 9 classes for a professional workshop on Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene, lead by a team of actors.

Today we’ll take a short reading quiz over Chapter 1. Then we’ll have a discussion over what you’ve read, likely starting with your lab books or your own interests and roaming toward the things I’ll highlight.

If time permits, we’ll also watch a short Crash Course video about the novel. That will set you up well for reading chapters 2-4 (due Wednesday; Tuesday is a reading day).

Key notes:

  • Chapter 1 functions more as a prologue than as a legitimate chapter. Some people identify it as a “key” to the rest of the book.
  • The four key subjects: war, death, family, writing/art/being an author could easily be amended to include time/clocks (thanks, first hour).
  • Some people noticed that the narrator has a “flat affect” in discussing things that are quite emotional. That in fact, Mary O’Hare is the only person who expresses the passion or fury we would expect. We’ll hold off talking about that until you’ve read the next several chapters.
  • I highly suggest keeping tabs on “so it goes” as you read–what things/people get a “so it goes” (and which ones do not)?

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