10H – 29 Sept 2014 – Writing Day, Intro to Critical Reflection

Today we’ll meet in the lab for a writing day, as usual. I have a few quick things to chat about

  • First hour has requested that we move the due date for Task 1 to Oct 13. I have agreed. However, this means you will have at LEAST one proposal due (and a wise student will have been through two drafts of a proposal) for your 2nd task BEFORE you have finished your first task. This will mean a freaking ton of work for you during The first two weeks of October. But you have chosen, and I am happy to honor your choice.
  • Red highlights on your draft = error that I’ve already commented on or is so obvious that you just need to fix it. Please fix it and then delete the highlighting.
  • Today I’ll ask you to sign up for a Journal Check slot. A reminder that you already have all the information you need about this, but back up copies are available under the Quick Docs tab here on the blog, including a copy of the rubric. This is NOT your first interview. This is a check in. I’m trying to answer these questions for myself and for you: Are you doing the assignments? Are you doing them well? What do you need to do differently to be successful when your first interview comes along in December/January? NOTE: If you fail to appear at the time YOU signed up for, you forfeit 10% of your total grade (i.e. if you would have earned 95%, you earn an 85% instead).
  • Make sure to use the COMMENTS function to make first say comments on your drafts. You can see what this looks like in some samples below.
  • ...and some free advice: When discussing grades with me (or any teacher, really), please avoid saying “you gave me…” I don’t GIVE grades. You EARN them. Instead, try “I earned…” or “PowerSchool says I earned…”

On  How to Do the Critical Reflections and Rubrics

  • The Critical Reflection is a Google Doc. To access it, you must go to FILE, then MAKE A COPY. Then name the copy with your first initial, last name and task # (e.g. if my name was Jane Smith, then this first reflection would be JSmith Reflection Task 1).
  • Fill out, type, or paste in answers to the questions on the reflection. Note that since the reflection itself is a type of “first say,” you do not need additional “first say” comments on the reflection. 🙂
  • PRINT the reflection and circle the answers to question #9 and question #10 manually.
  • Pick up a cream colored rubric from my room.
  • Highlight and/or underline the rubric based on what applies to your process. This rubric highlighting is “first say” on your grade.
  • Staple your highlighted/underlined rubric on TOP of your reflection and hand it in to me in person.
photo 1
Front Side – please include Task # under your name
photo 2
Back side – feel free to highlight in footnotes section, too!

Examples of first say comments in the body of a paper…

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.55.20 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.54.58 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.54.47 AM